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Native American Summer Research Internship (NARI)

2023 NARI Cohort
2023 NARI Cohort

For Undergraduate Junior & Senior Students

The Native American Research Internship is a dynamic summer research opportunity for Native American undergraduate junior and senior students who are interested in Health Science research. The internship is located at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a 10-week, paid summer internship, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Internship Focus

The internship focus is to provide Native American and Alaskan Native (NA/AN) students an outstanding laboratory or clinically based research experience working alongside world class research faculties at the University of Utah. The goal of the internship is to support the academic, career, and personal development as well as cultural engagement of NA/AN students who are interested in Health Science and Biomedical careers. Each student will participate in approximately 40 hours/week of internship activities. Approximately 30 hours/week will be for research related activities, and approximately 10 hours/week will be for academic/professional development.

Students will work closely with research mentors as well as Native American faculty and staff mentors, develop meaningful relationships within the Health Science and Native American research communities, attend a National Health conference, and have opportunities to shadow physicians at their clinical practice. Students will also gain insightful knowledge in the areas of graduate/medical school preparation, career development, additional academic opportunities, community engagement, professionalism, creating scientific posters, and presenting research material. Additionally, students who successfully complete a summer internship have the option to apply to participate for a second summer. You will also get the opportunity to participate in the Native American Community Health Internship (NACHI) which allows you experience job shadowing on healthcare centers from Native communities and territories.


The Native American Research Internship provides participants compensation for their participation in the summer program, as well as housing at the University of Utah. Both University of Utah students and non-University of Utah undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. No previous research experience is required.


  • The NARI Program received the Beacons of Excellence Award from the University of Utah in 2012
  • The NARI Program received an Equity and Diversity Award from the University of Utah in 2013
  • The NARI Program received the National Impact Award from the National Indian Health Board in 2020
  • The NARI Program received the Outstanding Student Support National Program Award from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in 2021
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Winding Path had its world premiere as an official selection at Sundance Film Festival 2024. It was produced by University of Utah Health and Oscar-nominated producer, Robin Honan, and co-directed by award-winning filmmakers, Alex Lazarowich and Ross Kauffman, with an original soundtrack by Samantha Crain. Winding Path is the fourth film in the U of U Health-produced series, New Narratives in Health, designed to bring scientists and artists together to more broadly communicate advances in knowledge.

Winding Path will be available to screen here soon. In the meantime, watch the film below about the Native American Research Internship (NARI) Program.

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Wallita Ranger

Program Coordinator


Gloria Slattum, M.S., PhD

Research Manager


Maija Holsti MD, MPH

Director, Professor


Courtney Todea

Administrative Assistant