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Trainee Research Mentor(s) Abstract Title
Orlando Antelope
Northern Arapaho
(University of Utah)

Kuberan Balaguranathan, Ph.D.
Mausam Kalita (Co-Mentor)

Cancer-Associated Heparanase Detection via Glyco-Nanoprobe

Joel Begay
(Colorado College)

Mary Beth Scholand, MD
Cheryl Pirozzi (Co-Mentor)

The Effects of Air Pollution on Patients with IPF

Wallita Begay
(Southern Utah Univ.)

Melissa Cheng, MD, MOH, MHS
Kurt T. Hegmann (Co-Mentor)

A Cohort Study of Low Back Pain (LBP)

Nathan Begaye
(University of Utah)

Anand Velayutham, Ph.D.


Cherly Cook
(Fort Lewis College)

Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD
Adriana Vieira de Abreu (Co-Mentor)

Effect of Intrauterine Growth Restriction on Retinal Vascular Development in Retinopathy of Prematurity

Shaiann Dreadfulwater
(Lewis Clark State College)

Sihem Boudina, Ph.D.
Karla Maria Pires (Co-Mentor)

Hyperinsulinemia induces autophagy impairment via reduction of LC3BI lipidation in embryonic cardiomyocytes (H9C2 cells)

Elena Frederick
(Fort Lewis College)

Mark Fluchel, MD

Utilizing Tablet Computers to Assist Rural and Spanish Speaking Families of Pediatric Oncology Patients

Chalmer Gambler
(University of Utah)

Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD, MPH

Diet and Metabolic Dysfunction among Young Adults

Chantel Harrison
(Arizona State Univ.)

Jennifer Majerski, MD, MS
Aleksander Tkach (Co-Mentor)

Biorepository to Establish the Aetiology of Sinovenous Thrombosis (BEAST): an International Collaboration

Danielle Holiday
(University of Utah)

Lisa Joss-Moore, Ph.D.
J. Stiers (Co-Mentor)

Intrauterine Growth Restriction Affects Lung Estradiol and ERα Occupancy of the PPARy Promoter in the Rat

Corinne Maguire
(Harvard College)

Julie Shakib, DO, MS, MPH

The Immunization Protection in Child Care (IPiCC) Project

Damon Nez
(Arizona State Univ.)

K.C. Brennan, MD
Patrick Parker (Co-Mentor)

Light Aversion In Mice As A Model Of Photophobia

Sierra Pete
Diné & Eastern Shawnee
(University of Utah)

David Stevenson, Ph.D.
Jamie McDonald (Co-Mentor)

Comparison of Epistaxis Severity Score and Epistaxis Frequency in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) and the General Population

Danner Peter
(University of New Mexico)

Catherine Loc-Carillo, MSc, Ph.D.
Crystal Yinghua (Co-Mentor)

Categorizing Bacteriophages for Treatment of Isolated MRSA Strains Using PCR Assay

Courtney Reyos
Pueblo of Laguna
(Madison College)

Mary Beth Scholand, MD
Spencer Whipple (Co-Mentor)

Pirfenidone: Treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Delilah Robb
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
(North Dakota State Univ.)

Otak Conroy-Ben, Ph.D.
Xinhua Li (Co-Mentor)

Estrogenic Environmental Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) in Turtle Mountain American Indian Reservation Water

Christian Smith
Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
(Weber State Univ.)

Kalani Raphael, MD, MS  

Iris Smith
(Northern Arizona Univ.)

Anne Blaschke, MD, PhD, FAAP, FPIDS, FIDSA

Use of serum procalcitonin to distinguish viral from bacterial pneumonia in pediatric patients

Davian Thompson
Mississippi Band of Choctaw
(University of New Mexico)

Otak Conroy-Ben, Ph.D.
Xinhua Li (Co-Mentor)

Drug Trends Using Wastewater Epidemiology

Scott Willie
(University of New Mexico)

Jeremy Meier, MD

Causes and Cost of ED visits after Adenotonsillectomy in Children