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NARI Requirements

1. Be a U.S. Citizen

2. Completed NARI Application Includes:

  • a. NARI Online Application Form: Filled out.
  • b. Personal Statement via this online form (must be a .pdf or .docx file). A one-page single space statement addressing all the questions and statements below:
    • i. Why are you interested in participating in the NARI program?
    • ii. What are your future career goals, and how will this internship program help you reach your goals?
    • iii. How have you demonstrated an interest on issues regarding the health issues and underrepresentation of Native Americans/Alaskan Natives excluded in the health and bioscience fields?
    • iv. Describe any past research experience in general and your scientific interests in the biomedical and health science fields.
  • c. Academic Transcript(s) via this online form (must be a .pdf or .docx file): Your unofficial transcript(s) will be accepted. If you are accepted an official transcript will be required.
  • d. One Letter of Recommendation (LOR): A confidential letter of recommendation must be submitted from a college professor, research lab supervisor or academic advisor who can address how your experiences have prepared you for this NARI program. Additional letters of recommendation from previous employers, tribal elders (when applicable), or additional professors are encouraged but not required, and are limited to a total of three letters of recommendation. It is your responsibility to provide the correct name and contact information of up to three references. You will be notified when a LOR has been submitted on your behalf.
  • e. Sign the Agreement Form which can be found at the end of the online application.