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  Trainee Research Mentor(s) Abstract Title

Ryan Bia
(Arizona State University)

Sarah Franklin, MD, Ph.D.
Christopher Tracy (Co-Mentor)

The Role of smyd5 in the Development of Heart Disease

Kimberly Chapman
Zuni Pueblo
(University of New Mexico)

Owen Chan, Ph.D.
Rawad Farhat (Co-Mentor)

The Effects of Recurrent Hypoglycemia on Glycogen Phosphorylase Expression in the Ventromedial Hypothalamus

Kellie Crouse
(Syracuse University)

Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD, MPH

Physician Knowledge Gaps in Transgender Healthcare


Reagan Cummings
Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina
(Univ. of North Carolina – Pembroke)

Maggie Janát-Amsbury, MD, Ph.D.
Sebastien Taurin (Co-Mentor)

Development of ovarian cancer organoid for targeted therapy

Aspen Johnson
White Mountain Apache
(University of New Mexico)

Micah Drummond, Ph.D.
Alec McKenzie (Co-Mentor)

Seven-days of Hindlimb Suspension in Previously Active Mice, Induces Ceramide Accumulation and Insulin Resistance in a TLR4 Dependent Manner

Aimee Jones
Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
(Oklahoma City Univ.)

Lisa Joss-Moore, Ph.D.
Haimei Wang (Co-Mentor)

DHA Supplementation Dose-Dependently Improves Lung Function in Postnatal Growth Restricted Rats

Andrew Jordan
Sault Ste Marie Chippewa
(Univ. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)

Simon Fisher, MD, Ph.D.
Candace M. Reno (Co-Mentor)

Recurrent Hypoglycemia’s Effects of Reducing Mortality and Fatal Cardiac Arrhythmias During Severe Hypoglycemia

Trisheena Kills Pretty Enemy
(Montana State Univ.)

Joe Yost, Ph.D
Angie Serrano (Co-Mentor)

Exploring the Range of Heart Phenotypes in Zebrafish kmt2d CRISPR G0 Mutant


Shane Littlefoot
(Univ. of Arizona)

Sihem Boudina, Ph.D.
Sara Palacios (Co-Mentor)

Redox Regulation of TCA Cycle Flux in Brown Primary Adipocytes


Elena Frederick
(Fort Lewis College)

Kalani Raphael, MD, MS Higher Urine Volume is Associated with Improved Renal and Survival Outcomes in Hypertensive Kidney Disease

Shaianne Nalder
Muscogee Creek
(Weber State Univ.)

Paul Sigala, Ph.D.
Rebecca Marvin (Co-Mentor)

Probing Mitochondrial Function in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Jennica Peter
(Fort Lewis College)

Martin McMahon, Ph.D.
Kali Dale (Co-Mentor)

Validating RAF-Inducible, Cycloheximide-Sensitive Cell Surface Molecule Genes Expression at the Cell Surface and Protein Levels

Emily Plumage
(University of Utah)

Catherine Sherwin, BSc (Hons), PhD, MSCI
Silvia M. Illamola (Co-Mentor)

Use of Mycophenolate Mofetil in Pediatric Patients Receiving Heart Transplants

Jaime Richards
Oglala Lakota
(Creighton University)

Matthew Wachowiak, Ph.D.
Andrew Moran (Co-Mentor)

Using pharmacogenetic tools to manipulate odor perception in mice

Samira Rosenthal
White Earth Ojibwe
(Univ. of Minnesota – Morris)

Josh Bonkowsky, MD, Ph.D.
Briana Freshner (Co-Mentor)

A Screenable Adrenoleukodystrophy Model in Zebrafish

Mica Sloan
(University of Utah)

Danny Hung-Chieh Chou, Ph.D.
Jason Nogueira (Co-Mentor)

Treating Type I Diabetes Through Novel Monomeric, Hepatocyte Targeting, Insulin Analog


Christopher Sweeney
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
(Brigham Young Univ.)

Scott Summers, Ph.D.
Trevor Tippetts (Co-Mentor)

Islet Sphingolipids are Requisite for Maximal Insulin Secretion in Vivo

Marissa Tutt
San Carlos Apache
(Northern Arizona Univ.)

Bryan Gibson, DPT, Ph.D.

Emotional Responses to Diabetes Data Represented in Virtual Reality vs. iPad

Lisa Wilson
(University of Utah)

Lisa Giles, MD

Utilization of Mental Health Treatment after Emergency Department Evaluation: Preliminary results

Virginia Yazzie
(Montana State Univ.)

Jennifer Garvin, MBA, PhD, RHIA, CTR, CPHQ, CCS, FAHIMA The Use of Informatic Tools to Improve CHF Patients within the VA Health Care System