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  Trainee Research Mentor(s) Abstract Title
  Olathe Antonio
Diné & Shawnee
(Fort Lewis College)
Dedee Caplin, PhD, MS
Celestia Buckley (Co-Mentor)
Predictors of Psychosocial Impairment of Children with Insomnia
Paula Aubrey
Smith River Rancheria-Tolowa Dee’ni Nation(University of Idaho)
Adam Hughes, PhD
Troy Coody (Co-Mentor)
Identification of Cellular Pathways to Combat Nutrient Toxicity: Regulation of Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis by Proteolysis
Lori Begaye
(University of Utah)
Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD Does undertreated iron deficiency anemia increase the risk of postpartum blood transfusion?
Thea Benally
(University of New Mexico)
Owen Chan, PhD
Rawad Faqrhat (Co-Mentor)
Low Doses of Carvedilol Prevents Impairment of the Sympathoadrenal Response and Improves Hypoglycemia Awareness in Recurrently Hypoglycemic Diabetic Rats
Brynal Benally
(Fort Lewis College)
Jeremiah Alt, MD, PhD
Abigail Pulsipher (Co-Mentor)
Structural Organization of Collagen in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps: A Pilot Study

Claudia Charles
(Utah Valley University)

Jared Rutter, PhD
Jordan A. Berg (Co-Mentor)
Computational Approaches to Elucidating Cancer Metabolism Remodeling
  Emile Eich
(Northern Arizona Univ.)
Sihem Boudina, PhD
Alan Achenbach (Co-Mentor)
Differences in Stem-like Progenitor Cell Populations in Visceral Fat
Samantha Enos
(University of New Mexico)
Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD, MPH Physical and mental health of transgender adolescents
Jared Garcia
Santo Domingo Pueblo(Univ. of Montana – Western)
Joe Yost, PhD
Angie Serrano (Co-Mentor)
Neurodevelopmental defects in Kabuki Syndrome zebrafish is caused by impaired neurogenesis
Jeri Garfield
(Diné College)
Deanna Kepka, PhD, MPH HPV Vaccination Perceptions Among Health Care Teams in Rural Western Settings
Ashley Holiday
(Dixie State Univ.)
Kalani Raphael, MD, MS Effect of bicarbonate on fibroblast growth factor-23 in chronic kidney disease
Ivana Holiday
(Fort Lewis College)
Simon Fisher, MD, PhD
Candace M. Reno (Co-Mentor)
Vitamin-E Treatment Reduces Hypoglycemia-induced Cardiac Arrhythmias in Diabetic Rats
  Justin Hollowell
(University of New Mexico)
Mary Beth Scholand, MD
Silvia E. Smith (Co-Mentor)
Hypoxia and Depression in ILD
Matthew Lassey
Mescalero Apache & Pima
(University of New Mexico)
Anne Blaschke, MD, PhD, FAAP, FPIDS, FIDSA
Hillary Crandall (Co-Mentor)
The role of variation in fibronectin binding proteins A and B in Staphylococcus aureus osteoarticular infection
Tyrell Natewa
Zuni Pueblo
(University of New Mexico)
Jennifer Doherty, PhD, MS
Rachel McCarty (Co-Mentor)
Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality Among Pacific Islander Women in Utah
Sierra Penn
(Haskell Indian Nations Univ.)
Angela Fagerlin, PhD
Nelangi Pinto (Co-Mentor)
How Parents who have a Fetus/Neonate Diagnosed with A Life-Threatening Congenital Heart Defect Make Treatment Decisions: The Importance of Quality of Life
Desiree Quintana
Santo Domingo Pueblo
(Mesa Comm. College)
Rene D’Souza, DDS, MS, PhD
James Winkler (Co-Mentor)
High Levels Of BPA In Mothers Adversely Affect Enamel Formation In-UteroDesiree
Jaime Richards
Oglala Sioux
(Creighton University)
Matt Wachowiak, PhD Using optical reporters to record innervation in basal forebrain neural activation to the olfactory bulb in mice
Benjamin Ringham
(Univ. of Wisconsin – LaCrosse)
Lisa Joss-Moore, PhD
Nicolette Jassen (Co-Mentor)
Postnatal growth restriction causes sex-divergent changes in rat lung elastin and mechanics 
Gem Wilson
(New Mexico State Univ.)
Anandh Velayutham, PhD Effects of Blueberry Supplementation on Metabolic Milieu in Aged Mice
  Tahno Warren
(University of Utah)

Scott Summers, PhD
Trevor Tippetts (Co-Mentor)

A Role for Ceremides in Vascular Function
Drisanna Watson
Yurok Tribe
(University of Maine)
Venkata Yellepeddi, PhD, BPharm Prediction of plasma and salivary pharmacokinetics of atropine in pediatric sialorrhea patients using a PBPK modeling approach
  Andrew White
(California Lutheran Univ.)
Daniel Leung, MD, MSc Mucosal-Associated Invariant T (MAIT) Cells
Kristen Woody
(University of New Mexico)
Martin McMahon, PhD
Kali Dale (Co-Mentor)
Elucidating the Role of Integrin Beta 3 in Metastatic Melanoma Progression
Hanaa Al-Ajam
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
(Florida Atlantic University)
Dipayan Chaudhuri, MD, PhD How does knocking out specific assembly factor genes effect the activity of complex I?