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The Department of Pediatrics at the University of Utah has identified key areas of need that will help further the future of the patients we serve:

  • Endowed Chairs

    When it comes to recruiting the best and brightest minds in pediatric medicine—and keeping them here long term—endowed chairs are the most powerful tools we have.

  • Education & Research

    The future of medicine is embodied in education and research. Your support helps us teach the next generation of leading pediatric physicians.

    As industry leaders, we have the responsibility to advance the medical field by providing the highest quality patient care and driving innovation in pediatric healthcare.

  • Community & Global Health

    Every child deserves access to quality health care. We offer services that go above and beyond what is covered by insurance and government subsidies because it is the right thing to do. Your support helps fund needed services, including mental health, dental, and primary care for children in need, and programs to address injury prevention and child abuse prevention, among others.

  • Greatest Need

    Support for the specialty divisions of the Department of Pediatrics and ongoing care we provide every day.