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Pediatric Cardiology Research

Physicians and scientists in the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at the University of Utah, in cooperation with Primary Children's Hospital, work to improve cardiac treatments through all types of research, including clinical trials.

Physicians and scientists in our division also participate in a vast array of research opportunities.

Learn More About Our Research

To learn more about a specific study or to get a full list of all current studies being offered at our institution, please feel free to contact us.

Pediatric Cardiovascular Research Institute

The Pediatric Cardiovascular Research Institute (PCRI) centrally administers the implementation and conduct of internally and externally-funded pediatric cardiology studies.

The University of Utah's PCRI has a large portfolio of cardiology studies, including treatment, prevention, imaging, diagnostics, and genetics.


The specific objectives of the PCRI include the following:

  • Support investigators with centralized protocol development, initiation, and management,
  • assist in preparing and processing regulatory documents as required by federal and University of Utah policies,
  • negotiate budgets and contracts with study sponsors and the University of Utah Office of Sponsored Projects,
  • screen new patients for protocol eligibility and assist investigators in enrolling study subjects,
  • provide quality data to sponsors,
  • and ensure compliance with institutional, state, and federal regulations.

The PCRI participates in:

Our diverse experience and commitment in cardiology research helps doctors and scientists discover new cardiology treatments, providing hope for the future.

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Phone: 801-213-3599

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