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Intermountain Database for Childhood Rheumatic Diseases

The aim of this study is to identify regions of the genome with excessive chromosomal segmental sharing in affected individuals in extended multiplex JIA pedigrees and to identify variants involved in JIA susceptibility. These pedigrees were identified in Utah using the resources of the Utah Population Database.

Primary Investigator

Dr. John Bohnsack is the primary investigator for the database, which is a collection of biologic samples and clinical data maintained for the purpose of identifying the genetic and environmental causes of Juvenile Arthritis and other childhood rheumatic diseases.


Samples from the Intermountain Database are being used in NIH-funded Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to identify genetic variants that predispose to disease in children with rheumatoid factor-negative polyarticular and oligoarticular JIA. Samples have also been provided to the NIH for a GWAS of Systemic Onset JIA (the IN CHARGE study).  Dr. Bohnsack is also co-investigator with Dr. Sampath Prahalad (Principal Investigator, Emory University) on an NIH-funded RO-1 entitled Segmental Chromosome Sharing in Affected Relatives with JIA.