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- Organized as a partnership between PASS, the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Utah, and the Utah Department of Health


The Utah Tobacco Prevention Task Force advances solutions generated by Utah physician, healthcare, and public health partnerships to eliminate tobacco use in Utah:

  • Prioritizing and tailoring solutions to Utah
  • Task Force Information Sheet
  • Building medical provider, healthcare, public health and community partnerships.

Implementing solutions

The Utah Tobacco Prevention Task Force seeks to implement solutions generated from partnerships between Utah healthcare providers and organizations and communities.

Sustainable solutions will be tailored and implemented by

  • Healthcare provider guided adaptation and prioritization of tobacco solutions for Utah’s needs
  • Expert medical review of tobacco treatment guidelines to meet the needs of Utah physicians, medical practices, healthcare venues, and communities.
  • Disseminating state-of-the-art recommendations through partnerships with healthcare provider, public health, and community organizations.
  • Building capacity for sustainable implementation of tailored tobacco treatment needs

Solutions adapted to Utah needs by medical and public health experts will improve tobacco burdens for all Utahns.


Name Phone Email
Dr. Kevin Nelson (801) 662-3645
Marci Nelson (801) 538-7002

This work is coordinated by Dr. Kevin Nelson, MD, PhD, Department of Pediatrics, University of Utah with support from Pediatricians Against Secondhand Smoke and the Utah Department of Health.

Contact Us

Phone: 801-662-3645

Pediatricians Against Secondhand Smoke
Department of Pediatrics

Christopher Miller

Christopher W. Miller, M.D.

Melody Baugh
Administrative Assistant
Pediatric Inpatient Medicine
Primary Children's Hospital

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