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Pass offers a flip chart to help health care providers discuss the health effects and dangers of secondhand smoking to children.

PASS offers a flip chart for health care providers to help assess parents’ desires to quit smoking called the “Stages of Change Screening Tool.”

Resources for Tobacco Cessation 

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department offers a tool to compare the effectiveness of different medications for quitting tobacco.

AAP Policy Statement and Technical Reports on Tobacco 

Tobacco Use: A Pediatric Disease

Tobacco as a Substance of Abuse

Secondhand and Prenatal Tobacco Smoke Exposure

Literature on Pediatric-Based Tobacco Cessation Interventions

Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure: Development of Framework and intervention

Counseling to reduce children ’ s secondhand smoke exposure and help parents quit smoking: A controlled trial

Family Composition and Children's Exposure to Adult Smokers in Their Homes

State-of-the-Art Interventions for Office-Based Parental Tobacco Control

Pediatric-Based Smoking Cessation Intervention for Low-Income Women

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