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Soon after joining the program, fellows meet with potential research mentors and visit their labs or sites. Generally, fellows choose mentors from the faculty within the Division of Neonatology, but experts in other departments / divisions are also able to enhance fellows’ research training.  Mentors support fellows in their chosen projects, helping them overcome problems and providing support and advice which will result in a successful fellowship. The research program will be specifically tailored to be completed in the three years of fellowship and to result in productivity that prepares fellows to compete for an academic appointment at the end of the fellowship.

Scholarly Oversight Committee (SOC)

With input from the research mentor and the program director, fellows form a Scholarly Oversight Committee. The committee must consist of three or more individuals, at least one of whom is based outside of the Division of Neonatology. The purpose of this committee is to review the fellow's scholarly activity every six months throughout the fellowship. The committee also ensures appropriate mentorship for the fellow and determines board eligibility.

Program Director

Carrie Torr


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Program Coordinator

Angie Horne