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Orientation: The University of Utah GME Office provides an orientation at the beginning of each academic year to assist new fellows in integrating to the University of Utah. This orientation is supplemented by a Neonatology Fellowship-specific Orientation conducted by the Fellowship Training Program staff and current fellows, including a neonatal simulation “boot camp.”

Core Curriculum: Most pediatric residents have little experience with certain subject matters that are important in pursuing an academic career. Consequently, the Department of Pediatrics requires that all fellows to participate in a curriculum that has been specifically designed to develop skills essential for successful academic and clinical performance. This curriculum plays out on Thursday afternoons throughout the year, and first-year fellows are required to attend.

 The Core Curriculum has three parts:

  • Scholarly Activity/Research
    • Biostatistics- Clinical and Laboratory Methodology/Study Design
    • Ethical Principles Involved in Clinical Research
    • Critical Literature Review/Principles of Evidence-Based Medicine
    • Preparation of Applications for Funding/Preparation of Applications for Institutional Review Board Approval
    • Scientific Writing and Manuscript Preparation
  • Effective Teaching
    • Lecturing
    • Curriculum Development
    • Assessment of Educational Outcomes
    • Teaching in a Clinical Setting
    • Provision of Feedback to Learners
  • Principles of Program Administration
    • This section will discuss issues such as quality care assessment (e.g. morbidity and mortality conferences), as well as teach principles of administration that are relevant to clinical practice.

Educational Activities

  • Neonatology Clinical Cases
    • Discussion of interesting, educational cases currently in the NICU with the division
  • Neonatology Fellows Conference
    • Presentations targeting fellows’ education.  Also a forum for work-in-progress research talks by the fellows
  • Neonatology - Pediatric Surgery Conference
    • Joint division meeting to discuss surgical patient cases from surgical and medical management perspectives
  • Fetal Center Conference
    • MFM group presents high-risk cases, many of which will require Neonatology involvement.
  • Journal Club
    • Discussion of a peer-reviewed publication to develop the ability to summarize and synthesize research on specific topics
  • Neonatology Scholarship Meeting
    • Specialized conference on scientific writing [manuscripts, grants] and presentations