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Faculty Development Resident Mentorship

Pediatric Faculty,

As you know, mentorship is an invaluable part of medical training. Our Pediatric Residents are encouraged to identify a faculty member (or members) to guide them through their career/life path or to lead them on specific project. Until now, this has been an informal process: residents would either directly approach faculty they had worked with, or they would ask the residency office leadership for recommendations and introductions. 

With the establishment of the Office of Pediatric Faculty Development, we see an opportunity to formalize this mentorship process. Ultimately we will create a webpage that has important information about faculty and their projects, so residents can more easily identify those whose interests align with theirs.  As we work on that, we are collecting information from interested faculty.

Being a mentor has many benefits to academic career development, including getting assistance with scholarly projects, generating evaluations for promotion, and personal fulfillment. If you are interested in being a career/life or project mentor (or both) for a pediatric resident, please send back this form with the following information for to be added to our web page. We would like to identify you on the website with your photo. We will default to your official faculty photo, but feel free to submit a more casual photo if you prefer.

Thank you for being such wonderful teachers and role models for our trainees. Please let us know if you have any questions.